The Lost Prophet by James B. McPike


After almost losing his life trying to save the world, Vince Ramsey is taking a well deserved Tahitian vacation. Unfortunately his trip is cut short when the Ministry of Jerusalem sends someone to find him and put him back to work. The Tomb of the Prophets has been destroyed and many people have been killed in the attack. Now Ramsey must find the culprits before they attack again and deliver the best justice he can…while once again trying to cheat death.

The Lost Prophet is riveting book from James B. McPike, and another case for his protagonist Vince Ramsey. With great writing, good characters, action and suspense, this book will keep you on your toes until the end. McPike once again takes us to Israel and puts us in the middle of the fight. The Ministry is desperate to find out who is behind the attacks on the religious monuments and put a stop to them as fast as possible, and there is only one man they feel is right for the job. As much as Ramsey wants to say no and give someone else a chance to save the world, he knows he has no choice. He has to do this, and you are there with him every step of the way feeling like part of the action. You get to know Ramsey a little better in this book. You see how his relationship with April is evolving, and you see him struggle a little with his sense of duty. April is also coming to terms with recent events and reevaluating her path. McPike peels back a few more of Ramsey’s layers here,  and also shows the reader how a well-to-do Swedish woman crosses paths with a fedora wearing man named Dimitri. He explains what causes this woman with no criminal history to join him in destroying religious landmarks. You can see that he has taken the time to make sure he has well rounded characters to take his already great story to the next level. The reader is immersed into a world of holy relics, olive trees, city streets, the combinations of the new and the old, and the tension between religions. We hope that McPike continues this series, as there seems to be many more stories to tell!

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