The Love Lions by Corey S. McCormick


love lionThe Love Lions written and illustrated by Corey S. McCormick is a colorful children’s book that follows the adventures of three young lion cubs named Happy, Love, and Peace. The book starts off by introducing these three characters and explaining how their names directly apply to their personalities. Happy is always striving to cheer everyone up, Love helps people out with kindness and generosity whenever possible, and Peace works through problems calmly and assists others to make things right. The love lions live among the stars on a place called Roar Island. The narrative explains all of the fun things the trio does together, like riding roller coasters, collecting candy from the sky, watching 3D movies, and playing games outdoors like space basketball. The story then shifts to Peace’s house, as his dad teachers the young kids how to make homemade ice cream.

This book is both interactive and engaging, offering a page to be colored, and asking kids to join along in the story and ROAR! whenever the word is mentioned as part of the narrative. The illustrations are brightly colored and will surely catch children’s attention. The three lions are all very cute and memorable in their own right. The rhymes presented are catchy and fun to read out loud. While the book almost seems as if it is two stories in one, the introduction to the love lions, and the second part about making homemade ice cream, it still reads well as a singular picture book that children of all ages are sure to love.

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