The Lunar Wolf Chronicles: Mary’s Tale by Alexander Mescavage

The Lunar Wolf Chronicles: Mary’s Tale

by Alexander Mescavage and Eunice Taylor

wolfAlexander Mescavage and Eunice Taylor’s novel, ‘The Lunar Wolf Chronicles: Mary’s Tale,’ tells the story of Mary Young, an abused wife of a rich and hardened man.  Mary is taken captive by psychologists who are claiming to help her overcome her “mental disorder,” but who truly only seek to sexually abuse Mary until she is forced into submission – or worse.  The story takes a turn when one of the doctors, Dr. Van Gentlesse, suspects the psychologists and promises Mary to save her one fateful night.  Mary soon discovers that Dr. Gentlesse is not a psychologist, but instead a nearly three-thousand year-old werewolf, and one with a strange attraction to Mary herself.  Mary narrates this story through her experiences, and readers are taken into the world of Mary, Van, and the beginnings of ancient Rome.  The duo encounter demons, magical species, Greek mythology, and various battles between overall good and evil – along with encountering some romantic situations with each other.

‘The Lunar Wolf Chronicles: Mary’s Tale’ is thrilling, captivating, and a can’t-put-down read.  Taylor and Mescavage easily enchant readers with their story, drawing the in from the very beginning.  As the story continues, the spark between Mary and Van can’t be denied, and the chemistry between them leads to enthralling and passionate exchanges.  The progression of the battle between the werewolves and the demon builds throughout the novel, exploding with action and resolution towards the end.  From the first page of the book to the last of the epilogue, the authors and characters bring readers directly into their world, packing the novel rich with education, excitement, and enjoyment.

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