The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp by Michael Siemsen

In the realm of this novel, demons comes to exist when a soul decides to stay after its death. They are demons by name, but in reality they are everyday beings just like you and I. They remain in our world without the memories of who they are or why they have stayed, all they know is that they have to inhabit the bodies of other people in order to continue on. For the most part, the demon does not remain within one host for long, rather, they move from one person to another, until they find an adequate body in which to stay. ‘The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp’ by Michael Siemsen is a richly written and dramatic narrative that weaves an interesting world in which its characters may thrive and destroy. This novel is a prequel to ‘A Warm Place to Call Home,’ but it is a great story all on its own. Samuel is a demon, but he has a moral code, and he uses it once he settles within the life of a certain host, complete with a girlfriend and other friends he can call his own. The novel is written from the demon’s point of view, but as the pages go on, the reader comes to realize that the demon, Samuel, who has been dead for more than twenty-seven years, is still living and breathing in such unique ways, not because he wants to terrorize others, but due to the fact that his spirit has so much left to offer the world.

Siemsen has created a distinct universe where demons are not so much evil creatures who thrive off of the senses of the weak, but instead they are lost souls who must use others to host their entities in order to survive. The reason this book is such an enthralling tale is because of the conviction of the author’s writing. He has constructed a paranormal novel that filters into the everyday affair, creating drama through relationships, yet never losing sight of the kinds of shocking surprises that every reader enjoys. It’s an interesting read because of the overall concept alone, but the reason this novel succeeds so thoroughly at keeping the reader’s attention is due to the talented writing Siemsen offers on the page, crafting a descriptive and enticing story that both surprises and confounds in such a pleasing way.

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