The Marble Wave by Massimo Mandolini-Pesaresi

The Marble Wave is a collection of approximately thirty poems by Massimo Mandolini-Pesaresi. While some of the poems are given titles, others remain unnamed. Exploring the path of human life, and how our journeys progress from beginning to end, the poetry written here is elegant in structure, and offers up a classical feeling of ancient times long ago, when great thinkers and artists were considered the heroes of their day. Some of the prose is personal in nature, yet other writing included here is somewhat political, offering up juxtapositions that somehow ring together in a smooth flowing manner. As the back of the book explains, the poetry here ‘pays tribute to those who have not endured, while offering solace to others who remain.’

What works best about this book is that even though each poem is rather short, they pack an emotional punch to the reader who discovers them. Philosophical ideas about our existence are paired up with elements of nature, dissecting down what it means to be human while searching for something more. There is hope coupled up with despair, as Mandolini-Pesaresi shows his skill for writing poetry in this highly stylized and classic way. Some of the strongest pieces here are ‘Diver,’ the opening poem, ‘Unearthed a Treasure in the Wind,’ and ‘Shattering the Shadows.’ If you are a fan of the kind of poetry that opens up doors in your mind and causes you to think about who we really are, then The Marble Wave is sure to inspire you.

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