The Murder of Sherlock Holmes by David Fable


For decades upon decades the mysteries involving the famous Sherlock Holmes have captivated readers and fans. Now, David Fable has crafted a story that will have Sherlock Holmes’ fans salivating for the answers to his untimely demise in The Murder of Sherlock Holmes. His dear friend, Dr. John H. Watson is distraught with grief, but finds it is up to him to solve the heinous murder. What Dr. Watson doesn’t expect is young Christopher Hudson stepping in and offering highly plausible possibilities to how the murder happened and who brought it about. Surprising events run rampant throughout Fable’s The Murder of Sherlock Holmes from unexpected beneficiaries to Holmes’ will to odd requests and behaviors from his nemesis, Professor James Moriarty. One minute Fable has the reader believing the murder was ordered by Moriarty, but the next moment the twists and turns in the plot have one wondering if that was really possible. After all, Sherlock Holmes has secrets far beyond what Watson or Hudson could have ever dreamed.

David Fable will keep readers on the edge of their seats and hurriedly turning pages as they anxiously move through The Murder of Sherlock Holmes. The secrets that are brought into the light are so skillfully unveiled by Fable, causing shocks that draw readers in continuously. By sharing viewpoints from both Watson and Hudson periodically throughout the book, Fable helps readers gain a deeper understanding of each of these key characters’ emotions and personality traits. With such a great number of possible answers and hidden truths, The Murder of Sherlock Holmes is a must read for all Sherlock Holmes’ fans. David Fable truly pulls back the curtain and offers a unique view into Holmes’s life as well as his personal mysteries, which are just begging to be solved.

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