The Mystery of Dead Fish Reef by Meaghan Arundell


The Mystery of Dead Fish Reef is an adorable rhyming book for children written by Meaghan Arundell that chronicles the adventures of a jellyfish named Jim and his other seafaring friends. Jim is part of a group known as the Jelly Troupe that is led by Captain Blunderbuss. These jellyfish feel it is their duty to explore the ocean. One day the Jelly Troupe decides to venture to a place called Dead Fish Reef where fish often go missing. Once they arrive near the spot, the jellyfish are attacked by a giant lobster, but luckily they escape. Soon a shark swarms upon them, and even though the jellyfish are terrified, the Shark, whose name is Flake, actually wants to become their friend. Right from the beginning Flake and Jim have a special bond, and together they discover what is happening to cause all of the fish to disappear at Dead Fish Reef. You’ll have to read the story to find out the answer to the mystery for yourself!

While the copy of The Mystery of Dead Fish Reef that we reviewed did not have any illustrations, the story itself shined on its own, the rhyming couplets inventive and fun to read. Arundell has created memorable characters in an underwater world where jellyfish and sharks get along. The pace of the story moves smoothly, and there are many excitements along the way that will keep children’s interest. The story is the perfect length for a before bedtime book. With the addition of illustrations that depict the colorful characters the author has created, this already illustrative tale will become even brighter!