The Nativity Stories by B. Michael Fee


storiesIn The Nativity Stories, B. Michael Fee offers a self-proclaimed fictionalized version of some of the most important and popular stories from the Bible. He attempts to provide more detail and insight into biblical characters such as Mary and Joseph, John The Baptist’s family, and the Shepherds on the night of Jesus’s birth. His chapters go beyond the original biblical versions in order to reveal the potential thoughts, reactions, and beliefs of ordinary people during an extraordinary time in human history. Christian readers will recognize the origins of Fee’s stories from the Bible and will find his narrations describe how these people nurtured and influenced the very beginning of Christianity.

Fee’s novel is the perfect read for Christians looking to delve deeper into the Bible or those looking to explore their faith. His narration clearly comes from his own desire to study Biblical characters and their stories within Christianity while still preserving the holiness of the original texts. His writing is calming if a bit too broken up by ellipses and how similar it is to that of the Bible. The chapters are meant to teach the reader about the power of God and humanity’s relationship to the almighty deity. His characterization, however, at times creates characters that lack the flaws of humanity. They are too perfect and not relatable to readers who could be struggling with the real, daily problems of the modern world. Despite this, Christian readers will appreciate that his work provides insight into the minds of Jesus’s contemporaries.

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