The Next Life by Jeremiah Blackwell

What happened? This is the main question circling Lucas’ mind. He has awoken in the middle of a catastrophe. Buried alive and barely clinging to life, he manages to claw his way out, but what he sees makes him almost wish he could crawl back into the hole. There is devastation everywhere. Everything has been burned and flattened. He seems to be the only living thing for miles. How is it possible that he survived? Lucas isn’t sure, but he knows he has to move if he wants to keep it that way. Besides trying to figure out what happened, Lucas must also try to fill in the holes in his memory. He knows his name, his favorite car, and other random pieces, but the main part of his life is blank. He doesn’t know his parents, he doesn’t know where he grew up, he doesn’t even know where he is. He knows there has to be a reason why he is alive, and because of this, he feels that he is meant to do something great. Now all he has to do is figure out what that is.

The Next Life is one of those books you have a hard time putting down because you want to know what happens next and you want to know what everything means. So if you pick this book up make sure you have plenty of time to finish it! The amount of detail included within the narrative makes you see everything vividly as you read about what Lucas is experiencing. You also find yourself drawn into Lucas’ plight immediately. You get to go on the journey with him as he tries to discover who he is and his purpose in this life. The Next Life is full of the little things that really stick in your head and make you think about it a long time after you stop reading. This book is a true journey- not just for Lucas, but for the reader as well.

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