The Olympian Legacy End of an Era by Christopher Dean

The Olympian Legacy: End of an Era by Christopher Dean


legacyWhen Hades, god of the underworld, discovers a chain that transfers the powers of an ensnared god to whomever touches it, he decides to use his newfound weapon to conquer Mt. Olympus. The Olympian Legacy: End of an Era by Christopher Dean tells the tale of Atreyu, Nimue, Pixius, and Scorpius, the four half-mortal half-divine demigods prophesied to defend Olympus from Hades’ treachery. After winning a tournament hosted by the gods of Olympus, our protagonists are anointed by the Olympians and find themselves in possession of strange new powers. Pixius can shoot arrows that are chased by lightening, Scorpius can pull weapons from stone, Atreyu can do fantastic things with sunlight, and Nimue can see people’s auras. Those powers are only the beginning. As the young demigods wander Greece searching for guidance, they discover a myriad of god-like powers. Good thing too, because Hades, already fortified with the power of a few lesser gods, has caught onto the Olympians’ plan and sends his minions to the surface to destroy the demigods. The demigods hone their skills in combat against the spawn of Tartarus and arrive at Mt. Olympus ready to face the full might of Hades’ army in a final epic show down.

The Olympian Legacy: End of an Era is an action-packed reimagining of the end of the Olympians’ dominion over Greece. The novel is crammed full of detailed fight scenes. The demigods’ myriad of fun and creative powers keeps every encounter fresh and adds some unexpected complications to their journey. Unfortunately, the rest of the story does not hold up to the excitement of the fight scenes. The dialogue is predictable, the characters are one-dimensional, and any potential suspense is undermined by how quickly the schemes of the various gods are revealed. Nevertheless, the series of fights that make up the climax are captivating and contain twists that make the resolution of the demigods’ mission intriguingly unpredictable.

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