The Outreach Committee by C.L. Woodhams


The Outreach Committee: Because Marriage Can Be Murder is a gripping tale that will make you think long and hard about the morals, values, and consequences of domestic violence. C.L. Woodhams grabs you not by the arm but by the heart from the first few pages as she immerses you into Mora Rey’s fearful experience that leads her to relief and hope. However, this experience also leads her to murder. As Mora chooses to help other women and victims of domestic abuse, she makes some shocking choices. In fact, through the new chief advisor to the financial committee of her organization, Battered Women’s Escape Foundation, comes to a point that he threatens to bankrupt them, readers will likely wonder if The Outreach Committee and the BWEF are morally bankrupt already. Furthermore, what will happen when one of the abusive husbands ends up still alive instead of succumbing to an attempt on his life? To top it off the members of The Outreach Committee became acquainted with, and eventually become friends with a police officer, who was a former abused wife. The big question in this relationship is will she cover for them if she discovers the truth?

C.L. Woodhams shares a variety of perspectives and experiences from numerous characters in The Outreach Committee: Because Marriage Can Be Murder. In sometimes exceptionally short chapters, Woodhams will help a reader explore the thoughts and feelings of abusers as well as the women, whom they supposedly love. Though many chapters are brief, a reader should be prepared for the long haul as The Outreach Committee is quite a long novel, but even once one reads the final words he or she will continue to wonder just what might happen next. A very well-written fictional novel, The Outreach Committee hits home and easily pulls back the curtains of what might actually happen in abusive situations of wealthier men and women. Most people know someone who has been, or is being abused whether or not the truth is out in the open. Therefore, Woodhams book offers a profound opportunity to understand the psychology of both sides even better while making a reader ponder what justice might really look like.

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