The Outworlds: War Torrent by Daniel Douglas

The Outworlds: War Torrent by Daniel P. Douglas


Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.12.56 PMAngorgals are a reptilian race thought to have been extinct, but there have been recent discoveries that not only prove that they do exist, but that they came to Earth centuries ago, not merely as visitors. Could Earth have been colonized by these creatures? Mokisia is taken by surprise at the Sekkalan, attacked by them during a recon mission, a mission that was a trap. A young teenage war priest in training, Zy K’Olt needs to learn how to overcome his fears and doubts in addition to accepting his spiritual powers in order to confront and defeat the Sekkalan. While Zy struggles with his abilities, the invasion destroys Major Krajenar Attazahal’s reputation as an officer. She struggles to find redemption and survival to protect her home. Mokisiaans quickly learn the attack on their home is only the beginning to the sinister plans of the Sekkalan. Could Earth’s inhabitants be next?

The first few chapters rely heavily on the historical background of the Sceytera system and the Mokisia. It gives great detail about their world and how there became a distinct difference between each inhabitant of the moons. Then it opens to a platoon, preparing for a recon mission and possible battle once they enter a portal leading to another moon. The story starts out with Zy exploring the forest and thinking about nightly visions and the path he needs to take in life when he gets kidnapped. Then the story turns to Captain Thotka-Luen’s platoon entering the gate to another moon and being ambushed. Once the narrative gets back to Zy it’s just a brief summary of what happened to him. We feel there could have been a little more done with that storyline as well as more development during his training to become a Kal’iveth. The novel is very military and technically base in descriptions and uses some heavy jargon, especially where Krajenar is concerned. There were points of the novel that it became hard to understand what was being said such as after Krajenar’s surgery. There is a lot of information thrown at readers all at once. Once you get past the jargon and descriptions the plot of the novel is entertaining and easier to follow. Daniel Douglas creates a world of reptilian warriors concerned on saving their homelands.

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