The Passer by Robin Christophersen


passerAfter a year of desperately mourning her deceased boyfriend, Dr. Eleanor Bouchard, a theater professor and acclaimed Shakespearean actress, is ready to move past the despair that nearly destroyed her. But, on the anniversary of her beloved’s death she is summoned by a frightening apparition with a message: Help him believe… As she attempts to unravel her ghostly messenger’s meaning, she begins to experience harrowing visions of a missing woman and discovers she possesses otherworldly powers that have been lying dormant within her, waiting for her to awaken. While Eleanor struggles against her emerging powers, Daniel Archer, her former love, has troubles of his own. His wife has recently died tragically. Daniel and his precocious step-daughter, Amelia, find sanctuary in Eleanor’s alluring home in River Mist, California. As their lives intertwine, Eleanor discovers a fateful connection to Daniel and Amelia and suspects that the haunting events that brought them together quite possibly were destined to be.

The Passer is an eloquent example of modern day mysticism and romance. With the supernatural interwoven throughout the story, Christophersen has created a unique and complex world with a touch of glamor for good measure. Eleanor is an instantly likable heroine exhibiting strength and vulnerability simultaneously. The author’s attention to detail and depth of each character is stunning. With a web of a plot, Christophersen pulls you in and entraps you to the end. The Passer explores the effects of grief on the human psyche and our ability to cope with loss. Christophersen has created a compelling tale of love, loss, and moving on.

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