The Perfect Round by Will Silver Hastings


Kele is an advanced, super-computing robot whose many ingenious and innovative mechanics allow him to analyze the world around him with unbelievable speed and accuracy.  His creator, Professor Vernon, puts Kele in charge of an important data-collecting mission onboard the eccentric inventor’s prototype turbojet.  Things take a turn, however, when the turbojet’s flight path brings Kele directly overhead a nuclear research facility, which just so happens to be gearing up for an important experiment.  Kele soon finds himself dropped into a world he was never prepared for: our own.  Protected by his advanced defense systems, he lands unharmed on a golf course, right in the middle of a foursome’s current game.  The humans’ surprise upon meeting the robot quickly becomes curiosity when Kele attempts to put his gifts to good use and play a perfect round of golf.

‘The Perfect Round,’ by Will Silver Hastings, is a meditation on the unlikelihood of perfection in our human world.  This beautifully illustrated children’s book contains over a hundred original digital drawings from artist Courtland Shakespeare that lend significant depth to the accompanying story.  Bright colors and humorous expressions abound here – plenty to satisfy any budding young reader – but don’t let that distract you from the serious thought at the heart of this book.  Children will of course want to know where Kele comes from, and why he decides to try his hand at golf.  Why would a robot want to play a human game?  What’s the fun of winning when you aren’t able to lose?  These are questions that arise in ‘The Perfect Round’ but are never clearly answered.  If you’re looking for a contemplative and entertaining story to read with your kids, then this is the book for you.

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