The Poetry of Alabaster Bosoms compiled by Kevin Joy

The Poetry of Alabaster Bosoms, compiled by Kevin Joy

four stars

The Poetry of Alabaster Bosoms, compiled by Kevin Joy is without a doubt, a rather interesting collection. As described by Joy himself, this work comprises of Ogden-Nash style poems that are meant to appeal to the college aged crowd on a humorous level. Around one hundred poems, all written in the same style, begin with the words, shame, shame, and then move on into some kind of rhyming anecdote of a ridiculous nature. Famous people throughout history and pop culture are often mentioned, like Napoleon, Liberace, Hitler, Lady Gaga, King Tut, and Hillary Clinton, just to name a few. The poems tend to be dirty, in a way that could be classified as bathroom humor. With sexual innuendos, and other similar jokes being plentiful here, this is less a collection of poetry and more a book of comedic written words that are formed together to elicit a laugh from the reader.

Although some of the poems/jokes are rather entertaining and original in their form, the consistent repetition of shame, shame, that every poem begins with does tend to get old after a while. The length of each poem also leaves something left to be desired, as the most we ever get is just five lines. Some of the jokes seem like they could go on for much longer, if only given the chance. That being said, it’s clear the author has a specific form that he wishes to stick to, as the repetition is obviously a purposeful choice. This collection is not for everyone, as some may even be offended by the lyrics contained within, but nevertheless, it is a piece of work that highlights all of the insane ideas we can come up with about people, places, and things.