The Precipice Option by Alexander Kaufman

precipiceTowards the end of WWII, two trains sit at a platform in Budapest, one is full of twelve thousand people heading to Auschwitz, while the other train contains one thousand individuals who are heading to Switzerland. On both trains, everyone aboard is a Jew. The question on why these two trains are departing this way to such completely different destinations is only the tipping point of the narrative that takes place in ‘The Precipice Option’ by Alexander Kaufman. The story that unfolds across the pages varies in form and in setting, but the overarching theme of rebelling against the atrocities that took place during the 1940s on the European continent string together the narrative in a thrilling and concise way. At its roots, the story is a tale of human nature and how we aim to overcome the challenges we face, even when it appears that there is no hope left in the world, the characters presented in this lavish tale of war, rebellion, love, life, and death continue to strive on, vowing to never give up.

The untold events of WWII that are described in this book are vast, yet the author has the ability to focus on them in such a detailed way that it is possible for the reader to retain all of the information that is laced within the ink on the page, even though the book itself is almost a thousand pages. The facts that are revealed in this historical novel serve as a grounding point in what is otherwise a riveting page turning thriller. Kaufman has created a colorful cast of characters that range from friends to foes at every turn. If you enjoy fiction set up against the backdrop of history, then it will be hard for you to put this novel down, and even when you do, after you’ve finished it all, the loud thud the pages make when hitting their resting place will be similar in nature to how the story has impacted your brain.

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