The President by Bernard Jacobs

Political manipulation, money, power, terrorism and global war – all of these are key elements within The President, written by Bernard Jacobs. A brand new president of the United States is elected, but just who is he? President Paterson Winters, an exceptionally wealthy businessman, has deep, dark secrets and a secret agenda for the United States of America. In fact, he was born to a Muslim woman and his biological father was actually a prince and advisor to the King of Saudi Arabia. Finding a man with a similar background to his own, President Winters, maneuvered Colonel Ryder Graham into the position of being his Assistant Chief of Staff. Yet, this high profile position placed Ryder in a situation in which he could never disobey or betray the President or he would find himself in a heap of political and legal trouble; perhaps, even, such betrayal would put his life at grave risk.

Jacobs’ The President is a complex tale of political and military manipulation. Even personal relationships were created for convenience and manipulation instead of formed around truth, honesty, or love. This novel weaves in a variety of secret plans. Some of these are revealed throughout the story while you, the reader, are left to wonder, for quite some time, just what The Plan that Nur, President Winters’ mother, spoke of to her son before she was murdered. With clandestine operations being implemented by top-secret military agencies as well as some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet would President Winters succeed with his hidden agenda? The President will have you turning pages with fierce curiosity anxiously anticipating the answer to that question and more.

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