The Process by Barbara Nethery

The Process: He Restores My Soul by Barbara Nethery


process‘A book about real life’ The Process: He Restores My Soul is an inspirational self-help book that challenges the reader to look at their lives, and strip down their soul to its very foundation, to build it back up again and make a positive change to move forward in life. Author Barbara Nethery uses the power of prayer and encouraging words in order to bring about a change in the readers who follow along with this insightful and easy to follow book. The ProcessĀ takes the reader on a journey as they move through the different chapters that each explain a different element on how to rebuild one’s confidence, happiness, and over all well-being back up again. The author encourages the reader to take themselves back to the beginning, always focusing on where we started, to better understand where we are headed. The role of the family and how different members of one’s surroundings can affect personal growth are also discussed, as is repairing the damage that may have already been done.

This book would be helpful for anyone who is feeling lost, and looking to re-establish their sense of faith. While there are many positive messages throughout the book, it is certainly focused on finding strength through the Lord. While the heavy religious tones may not appeal to all, it will certainly be enjoyed by those who already have a strong sense of faith, or for those who are looking to become stronger in their beliefs. The book is not overly long, and it is very easy to get through. The reader could even read it more than once to really make sure the messages Nethery offers hit home. If you’re looking for a religious self-help book to improve your overall well-being and quality of life, then this is the book for you!

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