The Promise by Karen Cheathem

four stars

A novella about the power of love and what it means to keep your word, The Promise by Karen Cheathem explores the idea that good things can happen to good people, and that anything is possible if you have faith in the Lord. The narrative follows a woman named Luella Mae White, who grew up in terrible poverty and suffered cruel abuse. Luella persists through her hardships, determined to succeed and build a life of love and happiness for herself, finding strength through her Christian beliefs. The story is told as a modern day parable where a woman who has little finds power within herself to persevere and bring love and kindness to all those around her, even though the same is not always given to her in return.

Coming in around only sixty pages, The Promise is not a very long book, yet it still packs an emotional punch as the content within these pages will keep readers engrossed in the story. With a heavy focus on religion, Christian values, and the comfort a close relationship with God can give, it is sure to appeal to those who find strength in the Lord. Nevertheless, it also has the ability to appeal to those who might not be as spiritual or religious. Cheathem paints a strong character in Luella, and the supporting characters who surround her add further dynamic layers to this story about keeping promises, striving against difficult obstacles, and never giving up.