The Red Sapphire Secret by BJ Winters


BJ Winters has created an anomaly in The Red Sapphire Secret. Not only does Miranda Paige St. James Turner have psychic abilities, which enable her to touch an object and see what may happen in the future or has already happened in the past, but she is exceptionally old fashioned when it comes to romantic relationships. To top it off, there really is no such thing as a red sapphire, as red corundum is always called ruby. A red sapphire is not so much an anomaly as calling one so, instead of saying it is a ruby. In the book, there is a mysterious connection between the red sapphire and Rosemund Collier. Yet, there is far more to Rosemund Collier than meets the eye. Numerous stories embedded within the same overall story, The Red Sapphire Secret involves a serial killer, the utter upheaval of more than one family, and the gently old-fashioned courting between Miranda and Lt. Jonathan Dean. Mysterious twists and turns run rampant in this story. If a reader can keep track of all the different characters and leaps and jumps in the writing, he or she will ride side-by-side along quite a few characters as they come to learn the truth about Rosemund and Howard Clifton Collier as well as Ray, the serial killer.

The Red Sapphire Secret is a confusing story that is often hard to follow. One simple example happens early on when Jon sees Miranda in the hallway in the police station. As he is thinking about how attracted he is to her, the story jumps to saying he sent a note to her. But, how did he send her a note that she suddenly reads? There are a number of holes in the story and individual scenes throughout the book. Unfortunately, Winters’ writing style in The Red Sapphire Secret can lead to a wealth of confusion. The story itself also seems unbelievable at times as Rosemund is said to be quite eccentric, but she quickly invites Miranda to her home to inventory the property. Overall, Winter’s story is satisfactory, but it lacks the depth to fully engage readers with the characters and it lacks the eloquent flow to help readers relish in an entertaining story of mystery, murder, and love.

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