The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick

Mia Kerick’s, The Red Sheet, is a laugh-a-minute story about Bryan Dennison’s coming of age transformation. Literally overnight, Bryan goes from big high school jock and ultimate tool bag, to mature young adult who recognizes the importance of being an individual and paying attention to the feelings of others. With this bizarre overnight transformation comes a strange desire to wear a cape. Specifically a red cape. Specifically a red cape like Superman wears. While Bryan does not understand his sudden obsession, it comes to represent the important and drastic changes in mindset that he has undergone. He becomes a leader and representative for those whose voices normally get lost in the noise of high school drama. He becomes the nerdiest jock there is. Throughout Bryan’s transformation the reader is pushed to wonder if his changes are permanent, if he can truly change the high school environment, and what happened the Saturday night before he became a new person.

While the language in Kerick’s writing can often be strong and sometimes offensive, it is realistic and honest, an accurate and uninhibited representation of what twenty-first century high school life is like. Bryan’s approach to the reader is unique and engaging, his struggles and sorrows becoming just as important and stressful to the reader. Kerick touches on poignant topics such as bullying, divorce, gayness, and identity. The Red Sheet is a must read for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

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