The Rockaway Boys and Maggie by Don Kellin


rockawayDon Kellin’s The Rockaway Boys and Maggie: A World War II Adventure Novel is the 1943 summer coming of age story of Donny, Ben, and Maggie. As a hot summer slowly fades into a temperate fall on Rockaway Beach, these three young friends go looking for a little fun, a little excitement, and a little something to get their minds off of the troubles of World War II and the impending school year. Eventually they come up with a genius idea: to do something that matters for their families and for the war effort…while maybe having a little fun along the way. Their plan is to sift through the sand under the beach boardwalk in order to recover change that was dropped from pockets during the busy season. Then, exchange the money for stamps or war bonds. But when they discover something that could indicate a significant Nazi presence on the east coast, their lives are changed forever.

Kellin’s writing is honest and easy, but also driven– a reflection of the mindsets of Donny, Ben, and Maggie as they set out on their adventure. Dialogue and plot flow seamlessly together and leave the reader rooting for America, for innocence, and for the young heroes that every reader can see a bit of themselves in. The Rockaway Boys and Maggie can be enjoyed by audiences, both young and old and could easily become an American classic.

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