The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 1: The Death of Innocents by Rusty Biesele


timeA complex mix of both science fiction and fantasy, The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 1: The Death of Innocents is a highly inventive book that will appeal to young readers and adults alike. As book one of the five part Children of Sophista series, author Rusty Biesele has imagined a world where magic, immortality, and aliens are all part of reality. The main part of the storyline follows two teenagers named Stefan and Tova who discover that they are not human and are destined to wield great power. In order to protect Earth from unwanted alien intrusions, Stefan and Tova must use their newly found magic to protect the planet they’ve grown up on. To make matters more complicated, the two have been promised to one another, betrothed since birth without their knowledge. There is also an older character named Elof who must teach the children how to use their powers, including Ty and Tyco who must learn to use their talents for good. The first book of this series introduces the reader to this world and draws them deeply into the lives of the characters the author has created.

Throughout the book there are many engaging colorful illustrations that depict certain scenes and characters that appear in the text. The artwork is all original and adds a nice touch to the narrative, giving it a little something extra, helping to bring this complicated and magical world alive. Throughout the book there is always something going on, and it never reads slow, however, it does seem a little bit too complicated at times, especially since it is aiming to appeal to young readers. There are a great number of characters to keep track of. The colored text and formatting of the story itself is also a bit strange, even though it is explained in the prologue what each color means, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, this is a very inventive book, and many readers will love the colorful aspects that set it apart from your average reading experience. Biesele clearly has a vast imagination, which only bodes well for what will come next in this ongoing and original series.

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