The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents by Randy Biesele

The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents by Randy Biesele



In the second book of the Children of Sophista Series, author Rusty Biesele picks up the story where it last left off, where we find that Tova2 and Stefan have discovered immortal love, a new species that is so lonely is is vulnerable to become extinct. The Queen of Sophista twists Stefan’s mind, brainwashing him into performing nefarious activities. Tova2, as the new chief enforcer may just have to kill the Queen to protect the love of her life. Stefan on the other hand is becoming more and more unstable, as his teenage meltdowns threaten to release his immense magical power upon all those around him, creating a dangerous situation that could result in death and destruction. With new characters introduced and the same memorable ones from the first book coming alive across the page, The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents is imaginative, intriguing, and a lasting tale about the kinds of complicated relationships young people can have.

Just like in the first book, The Death of Innocents, this book has a large trim size and a full color interior. The original color illustrations are very fun to look at, and add greatly to the text of the story. Once again, there is text in different colors, that showcases how the characters are speaking either to one another, or themselves, out loud, or telekinetically. While this series is mostly aimed towards children, it seems overly complicated at times, and the large pages that are full of text may be overwhelming at times to younger readers. The storyline is certainly entertaining and contains many engaging elements of magic that will keep readers stimulated, but there are many characters to remember and it can be difficult to keep them distinct from one another. Nevertheless, we commend Biesele’s creative storytelling and the passion his writing expresses for this world he has so thoughtfully dreamt up.

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