The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 5: The Owl from Oblivion by Rusty Biesele


owlBook 5 in the Children of Sophista Series, The Owl from Oblivion by Rusty Biesele continues the dark and magical saga from the previous four books, following the characters we have already come to know. In this book, the previous timeline that was in place is shaken to it’s core, as it is completely altered into something new. Stefan’s son, Syon, who is from the future and acting as the Master of Time, causes a disturbance that creates a universe wide catastrophe. This brings about a new timeline that is completely different from the character’s former lives.  Stefan is now an extremely intelligent seven year old, while Syon is part of another family, the twelve year old son of an abusive father. If Syon’s new dad ends up killing him, the portal of time will close, thereby making it impossible for anyone to get back to their right and truthful lives. Parallel realities, magic, supernatural powers, the thirst to rule, friends, and foes, all come to a head in this lengthy, yet gripping installment.

Once again, Biesele has created a highly imaginative and engrossing tale that is sure to delight and entertain. The world is much more immersive in this book due to the fact that it is a much longer story, thereby bringing the world of magic, time travel, and the supernatural even more to the forefront, the reader being drawn in for quite some time. It is by no means light reading, as the plot is complex, and readers will need to have read previous installments in order to be truly rewarded with this story of the saga. This book is comparative to other episodes in fantasy series intended for children, as it builds upon what has come before, creating a universe that is transcendent, and utterly magical.

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