The Scary Hair of Sarah O’Shea by Sharon Feldt


scaryThe Scary Hair of Sarah O’Shea is a charming and entertaining children’s picture book written by Sharon Feldt and illustrated by Heather Karstens. The story follows a young girl named Sarah O’Shea who has an unruly and wild head of tangled red hair. While Sarah is a well-behaved girl herself, her hair has a mind of its own, often causing trouble and refusing to cooperate. Every morning Sarah wakes up with her hair arranged in some ridiculous fashion, whether it’s in the shape of a triangle or a palm tree. Sarah’s classmates are especially distraught over her hair, as it shifts its shape during the most inconvenient of times, whether its during the class photo, or in the middle of a lesson. No matter how Sarah tries to contain her hair, whether its with hats, headbands, or even rubber bands, the hair breaks free, causing havoc for anyone who is around. After trying nearly everything to maintain her rambunctious locks, a new student recommends that Sarah visit her aunt, an experienced and professional hairdresser, who may just be able to tame Sarah’s ridiculous hairdo. When her mane is tamed with a fresh new cut, Sarah is finally able to stop worrying about her hair, and start focusing on just being herself.

This is an excellent and original children’s story that is both inventive and hilarious. Author Sharon Feldt has dreamt up a fun narrative that will be a joy for children and parents alike to read. The pacing and length is ideal for a before bedtime story, and the way that Sarah’s hair is constantly acting in farfetched ways provides nonstop entertainment throughout the story. Heather Karstens beautiful illustrations are what really take this book to the next level. The artwork brings the tale to life on the page in the most perfect way, bringing energy and exuberance to the book. With a creative story paired with fantastic illustrations, this is the kind of children’s book we hope to see more of. Pick up a copy for any young reader you know, this is a great one to add to their collection.

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