The Secrets of Success in Marriage by Dr. John Gatungu Githiga


marriageSome of the biggest questions that our current culture has are about what makes a marriage work, or if marriage even works at all. With high rates of divorce and marital dissatisfaction, young people are wondering if it is worth taking the plunge into any relationship, let alone an eternal relationship. In his book, The Secrets of Success in Marriage Dr. John Gatungu Githiga addresses some of these fears, answers questions, and uses positive anecdotal stories to emphasize the things that can be done to make a successful and happy marriage. Dr. Githiga touches on topics such as compromise, sexuality, determination, love, and friendship. While there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, Dr. Githiga truly believes that positive, fulfilling, and lasting marriages can be made, even in today’s culture.

The anecdotes that Dr. Githiga uses are almost always charming and uplifting, but between poor grammar and spelling, many stories lose their luster and believability. While many marriage experts may recommend similar kinds of methods and offer similar advice to improve relationships, Dr. Githiga’s advice verges on simply unhelpful, empty platitudes. Finally, Dr. Githiga’s advice and insights in The Secrets of Success in Marriage are based primarily in Christianity and a belief in God, making many of his anecdotes inaccessible, if not alienating, to non-believers. While positive and uplifting, Dr. Githiga’s book could use a number of edits and tweaks before I would firmly recommend it to any of my Christian married friends.

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