The Snow Unicorn by Bridget McGowan


snowBridget McGowan takes young teen and tween readers on a magical fantasy in The Snow Unicorn. As a little girl, Caitlyn loves to play and explore with her creative mind. One beautiful snowy day, her imagination helps her open a doorway to a magical world in which she is highly respected Lady Caitlyn. A special unicorn, Storm, takes her all over the land and even to meet the king and queen. Yet, just as suddenly as she found herself in the magical world she is thrust back into her real world. Naturally, no one believes her tale of magic and other worlds, but Caitlyn clings to the hope she will once again return to the special world of “magic and dream.” She finally gets an opportunity to return twice more before she grows up and turns eighteen, but she has to make a huge decision as to whether she will stay in the magical realm with her beloved friends and Storm or if she will return to her real world with her family, friends, and dreams of being an author.

The Snow Unicorn is a simple, easy-to-read story that will warm the hearts of young girls everywhere. Bridget McGowan does a very nice job of pouring imagination into every page of the narrative. The story moves along very quickly as it is only a few chapters long; therefore, there may be times that one is left to wonder what else happened. For example, whatever happened to the teacher who believed Caitlyn’s tale of a magical world? Did Caitlyn ever tell the teacher about visiting there again? There is no doubt that Bridget McGowan could write a sequel to The Snow Unicorn that would have young fans galloping to the bookstore to get a copy. Fun, magical and filled with hopes and dreams, The Snow Unicorn is sure to fulfill the wishes and desires of young girls across the globe.

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