The Soccer Manual by Gefeson C. Elizeu

four stars

soccerAn informative and easy to follow guide that details the various plays, strategies, and scenarios in soccer, The Soccer Manual: Position by Position by Gefeson C. Elizeu shows players, coaches, and trainers alike how to perfect the game in colorful illustrations. The book explains the functions of all the different positions, while teaching specific plays to reveal helpful techniques for those in defense, midfield, and offense. In-depth illustrations are found on nearly every page, which provides a visual explaining each play step by step. The illustrations are labeled so that the reader can understand exactly what is going on, and which figures represent which position. Fundamentals are explained, as are more complex plays, thereby providing content for both beginners and the more expert soccer players and fans.

Elizeu succeeds in making this book easily accessible for all kinds of soccer enthusiasts. While there is often a lot happening in each illustration, the artwork is organized in a way that makes it comprehendible for anyone. The author provides a nearly complete account of the game, so that readers can find strategies and illustrations for a wide variety of scenarios. It is clear that a lot of time and research went into planning out this book, just as it is apparent that the author is a diehard fan of the game. For soccer pros or even those who are maybe just interested in getting started in the game, The Soccer Manual is a great resource for one of the world’s most popular sports.

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