The Sol of Jupiter by Thaddeus J

Turner Michaels is a young marine who has always known that he is gay. During the beginning of his military career he meets Jace Sozio, who he can’t help but feel attracted to. As time progresses and the two young men become closer, Sozio also starts to feel an undeniable connection to Michaels, the kind of bond that transgresses friendship and seems to stand for something more. Neither one of them know how to react to their feelings, which are complicated even further by their current surroundings, as active members of the United States Armed Forces. Michaels and Sozio face the dilemma of admitting the truth to one another, which is even harder to do because of the fear of rejection they may receive from their fellow military officers. In the end, the two men must decide whether or not to follow their hearts, or keep their affection for one another a secret.

The Sol of Jupiter by Thaddeus J is an all-absorbing novel set within the confines of what it’s like to be gay while serving as a member of the military. While Michaels himself has long accepted the fact that he is a homosexual, his emotions are problematic when he finds himself falling for his close friend Sozio, who hasn’t ever admitted to preferring the same sex. This book could be called the military version of the movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’ as there are many similar themes present here. Instead of cowboys, the two main characters are marines, but the struggles they face are very similar to those of the two men in the film. Thaddeus J creates a well developed and thought out novel that faces tough questions with grace. His characters are the kind of men we’ve all met before, and the dilemma that Michaels and Sozio face, of being hesitant to admit how they truly feel because of their sexuality, is a subject that is constructed in an all encompassing and engrossing way.

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