The Sovereign of the Hucens by Ashley Lee Hemmings Jr

The Sovereign of the Hucens by Ashley Lee Hemmings Jr.


The Creator made the Centurians to be a powerful, immortal race that was capable of protecting others and keeping peace. However, once Centurians and Humans meet and begin to intermingle, a new race is created. Hucens are the offspring of Centurians and Humans and, as such, have some of the qualities and powers of both. It is not long before distrust and hate begin to fester and a group called the Sentinels sets out to destroy these ‘half-breeds’ in a genocide. While a tenuous treaty is eventually reached, it is only a matter of time before the Sentinels strike again and a strong warrior is needed to protect the lives of many innocents. Irene is a young Hucen with no memory of her past, but in her quest to discover who she is, she becomes embroiled in the age old battle of her people. Will she be the one to save her people or will the discovery of her path reveal something else?

In Ashley Lee Hemmings Jr’s novel, The Sovereign of the Hucens, an interestingly brand new universe is brought to life. However, at over four hundred pages, Hemmings’ novel should not be undertaken lightly– the background set-up for Irene’s journey takes several hundred pages and the going can be a little slow. While the plot is engaging and has one constantly wondering what will happen next, the language and grammar can at times be a barrier to enjoyment. This being said, one can hope for more books detailing Irene’s future adventures to flow more smoothly but have all the same details and dialogue that make The Sovereign of the Hucens tough to put down.

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