The Spirit: Awakening by K.M. Riley

The Spirit: Awakening by K.M. Riley is an enchanting story about Princess Adele who discovers that she’s a spirit who’s about to be awakened. Adele is capable of shape shifting which is unknown to her uncle, as both of her parents are deceased, who manages the kingdom and tries to protect the princess.  Adele has a youthful innocence about her but she is also confident and knows who she is and what she wants. She is passionate about protecting the kingdom and will go through lengths to protect it. On her birthday, she discovers that Locien, the ruler of rival country, has trespassed onto their land and into their kingdom though welcomed by her uncle. She later discovers that Locien is a murderer as he only climbed the ranks by murdering his land’s royal family and forced his way into power. Princess Adele must do what it takes to protect her family and kingdom by awakening her inner spirit.

K.M. Riley does an outstanding job crafting an interesting and well-written story. Each character has a distinct voice and characteristics to making it apparent that each is their own person. Readers get to watch Adele grow into her own person and live out her duty to protect the kingdom which makes sense this more of a coming of age story. The only downside is that there are some clichés such as death of both parents. However, instead of an evil relative living with her it’s a loving and caring one, which helps make it a bit more unique. Readers are taken on an adventure with this action-packed, inspirational read. K.M. Riley challenges stereotypes with a strong female protagonist who does what it takes to protect her family and quickly becomes a woman who can make her own decisions.

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