The Stable Maid’s Secret by Troy Lee Henderson

A riveting tale of deception and danger, The Stable Maid’s Secret, written by Troy Lee Henderson introduces us to Princess Brianne Becuma. Brianne is set to marry a prince she has never met, and even though she has never seen him, she believes that he is her true love, the man she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with. However, happiness doesn’t come easily for Brianne, because as she is on the way to met and marry her Prince, she is forced to exchange places with her handmaiden, Gwynth, who has constructed a plot to marry the Prince herself. With the terrifying carriage driver, Conrad, functioning as Gwynyth’s accomplice, Brianne is intimidated to remain silent, so that the Prince who has never met his future wife, will end up marrying a girl who is not even of royal blood. With only her beloved pets at her side, a horse named Falada and an old dog named Hollen, Brianne has to find a way to reveal the truth and ensure that she doesn’t lose her prince to the conniving Gwynth, the stable maid who has taken the princess’ place.

Although this is not an overly original idea, that of a royal unwillingly switching places with a lower class citizen, Henderson constructs this tale in a wonderfully imaginative manner. By appealing to younger readers, the narrative escalates quickly, and barrels ahead towards a satisfying end. The length of the book is a perfect length for the young adult audience that the author is aiming to appeal to. Having everything you’ve ever dreamed of taken away from you is an experience that many can relate to, and since Princess Brianne is such a strong and likeable character, readers are bound to root for her.

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