The Tale of Hearts and Dragons by Diane Roy


Diane Roy spins a very interesting tale of ordinary creatures actually being exceptionally extraordinary. Filled with colorful creativity and blossoming friendships, The Tale of Hearts and Dragons moves at a quick pace – almost too quickly at times. Magical creatures such as a pink lion, a wise old owl, and magnificent dragons, alongside what one would typically consider normal creatures, battle against the evils of humanity so that the secrets of magic can be passed down. From the beginning, the little lion, Hearts, and her friends, Ginger and Randall face traumatic life changes and are forced to explore new surroundings, lead their lives differently, and make new friends. As the years go by and Hearts grows into her magic skills, she comes to understand the vital importance of her purpose. Yet, more than that she enjoys a life that is filled with laughter and love as well as friends from various species. This story expresses how easy one can grow to love another like a brother or sister no matter what he or she looks like or where they come from.

The Tale of Hearts and Dragons is filled with fun and loving experiences, but it is not an easy book to read, as the author does not use quotation marks when the animals speak. This can make the story confusing at times. It is not a good example of grammatically correct writing. It is filled with run-on sentences, and jumping so quickly from one scene to a totally different scene may leave the reader wondering what happened. However, if the reader is just looking for an interesting tale of magic and mystery, then this can be a very enjoyable book to read. One should not see it as a model of high quality grammar, punctuation and writing, but, instead, overlook that to enjoy this fun tale of a little, pink, magical lion.

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