The Tale of Tango by Paul Hohmann

The Tale of Tango by Paul E. Hohmann

four stars

The Tale of Tango by Paul E. Hohmann and illustrated by Ivan Earl Aguilar is an endearing children’s book about an airplane named Tango that is learning to fly for the first time. When Tango goes into the air he sees everything up high from above, a beautiful view stretching beneath him for miles in all directions. Tango gets used to the man in the suit who flies him around the same route, but after a while Tango is placed for sale, and another pilot comes to test-fly him. Tango is surprised to be going in a whole new direction in the sky, which causes him a bit of anxiety. This pilot likes to fly Tango for long periods of time, and Tango really enjoys being in the sky for such extended hours. Eventually Tango is sold again and purchased by a woman pilot, and not long after that, he started to have mechanical issues which damaged his body and forced him to stay grounded. In the end, Tango is taken to be repaired and is made as good as new. He is then put on display at a museum for plane lovers to come and admire him.

The illustrations in this book are quite wonderful, the artist’s paintings come to life in full page color on every page. The border that is featured on the text pages is also a nice touch, with a small image of Tango there to help the reader along. This book would be great for any child who loves planes, as it will teach them about the kinds of things that can happen throughout a plane’s life. While the story itself is on the longer side for a children’s book, and there is a lot of text featured on the story pages, the overall narrative flows in a nice manner, and is still a relatively quick read. All in all, this is a well-constructed book that helps showcase the wonder of planes.

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