The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout by Peggy Snyder

The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout by Peggy Snyder PhD

In The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout, by Peggy Snyder, PhD a simple daily exercise is revealed that improves your mood and changes your overall behavior for the better. This easy to learn method can make your self-confidence and your outlook on life sway into a much more positive direction. Snyder promises that performing this simple ten minute exercise can evoke a feeling of happiness that will continue throughout your days. Based upon the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the workout described in this book reveals that our thoughts are tied directly to our emotions, and if we are able to control our thoughts, we are able to manage our state of well-being. The exercise itself includes writing twelve statements, reading those statements, and finally internalizing those statements to improve how you feel.  This workout is very easy to do, doesn’t take much time, and only requires a writing tool and a piece of paper. The book is very straightforward and explains the instructions in a well-organized and simple manner.

The statements themselves are meant to follow a few simple rules, the first being that each statement starts with the phrase ‘I am’ which leads into a statement about the individual’s actions or emotions. Each statement must be in the present tense and use the present participle or progressive form of the verb. Finally, each statement must be positive. This book is a great tool to use if one is feeling down or unhappy, it focuses on subjects such as depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, health issues, relationships, and much more. It is obvious that Snyder is very knowledgeable in her field, as her recommendations and suggestions that are included in this book are helpful and simple to follow. The best thing about The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout is the fact that it is not daunting in any way; both the book and the workout itself have been constructed in such an accessible manner that it is sure to help all of those who follow its advice.

This title has yet to be released – look for it soon!