The Toughest Guy in the Bar by Patrick & Frank Reed


Patrick Reed is a bouncer, and The Toughest Guy in the Bar is the true account of what it takes to be the guy who breaks up drunken fights for a living.  Starting out as a security guard, Pat was tapped for a job as a bouncer at the local bar and found that is was something he had a preternatural skill for.  After recruiting some friends to help keep things under control, the bar saw a dramatic decrease in fighting – not surprising, if your security force looks like they just stepped off the football field.  But when the bar comes under new management, Pat decides to find work elsewhere, his career path taking him to other bars – including a stint at a gay bar, and another that was a front for the mob – all the while acquiring a reputation among the locals as someone you don’t want to mess around with.  But, as a friend points out, when you’re known as someone who never loses a fight, people will result to more extreme measures instead.  Soon, Pat isn’t just fighting for his reputation – he’s fighting for his life.

Despite its brevity, Toughest Guy teems with heart and substance.  What starts off as the story of a normal guy with a unusual job quickly becomes a tale of Pat’s literal life and death situation, as he responds to personal threats and attempts to keep a low profile.  The narrative alternates between fast-paced fights, tense passages, and humorous interjections from Pat and his friends.  Time and time again, Pat proves that he really is the toughest guy in the bar. But he also shows readers that being tough doesn’t always mean escalating violence; sometimes it’s as simple as thinking with a clear head and providing problem customers with a few careful words.

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