The Tower of Sarah by Ben Eden

When Sarah Bridges comes to on the roof of a towering skyscraper, she knows something is wrong immediately. Not only is she wondering about how she arrived to this strange spot, but she is also forced to contemplate the otherworldly forces that seem to be surrounding her. Eddie Conroy, who just lost his wife, is struck with pain yet again when his young son is abducted. Things come full circle when firefighter Doug Underwood finds Sarah’s house on fire, and her unconscious body floating in the swimming pool. These are the pieces that fit together to start off the suspenseful thriller, ‘The Tower of Sarah’ by Ben Eden. This Christian themed novel explores the ideas presented in Genesis, as the tower Sarah finds herself perched upon is just like the one the bible describes. The lost souls of Earth float to the tower’s roof, where they are eventually taken away into a never ending eternity. Sarah isn’t dead though, so she has an unusual opportunity to use her place within the void to find her attacker and prevent him from causing any more pain. Perhaps he is guilty of more than just what he has done to her? As the pages of this novel rush by, Sarah tries to bring justice before her spirit slips away from her body forever.

This novel successfully mixes suspense with Christian themes, interweaving the two together in a realistic way. Although the story is rather dark in parts, it still shines through with good messages about faith and believing in not only a higher power, but believing in yourself as well. The main characters are dutifully painted as they forge forward trying to find peace for themselves and those around them. The symbols within the story that Eden uses to represent Christianity are plentiful, and they tie the narrative together without overwhelming the reader. Even just as a story on its own, without the meshing of different ideas, this is a tale of merit that any reader will find enjoyable to navigate and explore.

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