The Trieste Intrigue by George McNulty


treisteGeorge McNulty has taken real life people along with history and crafted an intricate and gripping book in The Trieste Intrigue. Set during the early 1980s when President Ronald Reagan was in office, Colin McHugh, McNulty’s main character, risks his life in an effort to save the life of Pope John Paul II. McHugh may have been sent on a special mission by the President Reagan, but he isn’t a highly trained operative. He is instead a successful international businessman. He doesn’t have the training to pick up on the trained assassins who have spotted him, and who are quickly on his trail. Yet, it doesn’t take him long to realize that they are out to kill him. He turns to Claudette, his soon-to-be girlfriend, for help, but eventually her help puts her in danger as well. As the story unfolds, readers can easily become immersed into McNulty’s scenes and truly feel the anger of the killers as well as the fear and stress of McHugh. There is anxiety and tension til the very end, which keeps readers anxiously turning pages.

Often people wonder what might really must have been going on behind closed doors or how informants got their messages to the necessary people – especially in events and organizations where secrecy is a matter of life or death. In The Trieste Intrigue, George McNulty offers readers a boost in the imagination department when it comes to conspiracy and secret agents for the government. The story has a very realistic feel to it with greatly detailed scenes as well as characters. Reading The Trieste Intrigue will make readers wonder if this could be much closer to the truth than they realize. McNulty writes in a way that helps readers bridge the gap between reality and fiction in their minds. With such a skillfully written story, which is directly related to a globally recognized hisotrical event, it easy to say that George McNulty hit a home run with The Trieste Intrigue.

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