The War Comes Home by John Hansen

four stars

Former Golden Gloves boxer and Army medic Roger Hitchcock returns home from Vietnam to a very different America than the one he left. His hometown population has ballooned in size while he was away and he finds the police force needs to expand. With a solid option available, he jumps at the chance to serve his neighbors. Like his fellow veterans who pin on the badge, they find that when they left Vietnam, Vietnam didn’t leave them. They go from being called ‘baby killers’ to being called ‘pigs’ yet they do what they did before, serve and protect an often undeserving public. The drug craze of the early seventies takes a heavy toll on the Boomer generation, and the social fabric begins to unravel. This book is a collection of stories filled to the brim with nail biting action, romance, and intrigue, which are all based on actual events.

The first installment of The Bluesuit Chronicles is a compelling start to what is sure to be an epic saga. As the characters try to reintegrate back into society they are faced with coming back to a society that has no regard or respect for the sacrifices they have made to protect their country. Fiercely loyal and patriotic Roger struggles to find his place and cope with everything that happened in Vietnam and come to terms with what his new life is like. Told from a first person perspective, the author dives straight into the human aspect of the events in Vietnam and how they are affecting the soldiers coming home. This poignant portrayal of one man’s transition into civilian life is a powerful reminder of what every soldier must go through upon their return from active war zones.

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