The Water’s Edge by Elizabeth Farris


edgeThe Water’s Edge will suck you in and pull you under as Elizabeth Farris tells you a tale of abduction, torture and murder. Yet, there is a beautiful love story just beneath the surface of The Water’s Edge as well. Farris opens the story with the killer lifting the limp body of his first victim off of his boat and “into the cold still water” of the Ohio River. The reader is soon introduced to Bethany Farrar and Jim Gardner. They are former lovers, who broke off their relationship due to policy against it from their police departments. Bethany recently resigned and opened a detective agency, but the two have never reconnected. Unbeknownst to Bethany and Jim, she will eventually become the target of the psychotic killer. The killer, though a highly respected architect, has a deep dark past that causes his mind to trigger a violent rage. This leads him to do unthinkable things to women who he believes are his mother. He is very skilled at ensuring that his secrets remain hidden, and keeps the local police departments stumped. With almost no evidence to go on and the bodies of beautiful women with long blonde hair accumulating, the FBI is asked to assist in the case. Undercover sting operations, collection of evidence from abduction sites, and an FBI criminal profile begin to put the puzzle pieces together. But, will they catch the killer in time, or will Bethany become his next victim?

Elizabeth Farris did an excellent job making the focal point of The Water’s Edge the murder mystery. She brought in the love story between Jim and Bethany, but only lightly. Of course, their romance played a key role in Jim’s state of shock at the end of the tale. The Water’s Edge is well written and easy to read. In fact, it is a fairly quick read. It is an enjoyable suspense novel without any disturbing levels of graphic details. To top it off, the romance is sweet and a pleasure to read – again without any graphic details. Elizabeth Farris’ The Water’s Edge may make you think twice about what really lies just under the surface.

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