The Windkeeper by Emily Schroeder


Fantasy, magic, secrets, war, and love abound in The Windkeeper: Book One in the Eld Creatures Series. Emily Schroeder takes you, the reader, on a charming tale of science fiction and suspense. Morgan at the tender age of 15 suddenly learns that her entire life has been a lie, and Roden, also known as Ravenstorm, shows up unexpectedly during the kingdom’s annual festival and simultaneously answers her prayers and yanks the proverbial rug out from under her feet. Roden is like no other and nearly two decades ahead of Morgan he has to teach her not only what her hidden powers are but how to use them. From the get go, you are teased with the possibility that the two will fall in love even with such a great age gap and the impending war they are anticipating. It is up to the two of them to ultimately save their beloved home of Norbane. However, they have to brazenly search out help from merlins, which are dragon-like creatures. The secrets they must keep and they devastating experiences they must face will try them time and time again. Destiny is a powerful ally while sometimes an intimidating foe, but Roden’s vision of the prophecy so many years prior is about to manifest into real life.

Schroeder does a very nice job carrying the reader to another place and time in The Windkeeper. It is easy to fall in love with Morgan and Roden even though he comes off as an unfeeling, cold, brash man in the beginning. More over, Schroeder makes it easy to connect with the various creatures just as Morgan can and does. You just feel as though you are there in the moment with them. Your heart will race once moment and sing the next. Embrace the magic of The Windkeeper and Emily Schroeder’s fantastical prose as you travel alongside Morgan, Roden and their creature allies in an effort to save their beloved Norbane.

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