The Wish Fairy by Sandra Reilly


Layout 1A short children’s chapter book The Wish Fairy: The Cottage Down the Lane with the Dragon Out Back by Sandra Reilly is another captivating story in The Wish Fairy series. Through the adventures of the titular character, Misty the Wish Fairy, children will be exposed to a magical message of how important friendships and family are, as well as being taught moral lessons that will help them grow. Misty is often getting into trouble, but she still always does her best to grant wishes to those who deserve their dreams to come true. Her best friend Hope is her partner in crime, helping Misty whenever she has trouble granting a certain wish. While Misty lives in the fairy kingdom below the wildflower field, Hope lives above it, joining their magic together and combining their two worlds into one. In this adventure we meet a young boy named Jonah who has lost the ability to walk due to a horrible horseback riding accident. Jonah befriends Hope and calls upon his wish fairy for help. As we follow along and watch as Misty tries to grant Jonah’s wish, we come across Jonah’s mother, a troll, and even a dragon! Follow along with Jonah, Hope, and Misty to see if his wish will be granted!

At right around sixty pages, this is the perfect kind of chapter book for young readers who are just growing confident enough to start reading longer works by themselves. The magic, positive messages, surprises, and memorable characters will make this an engaging and enjoyable read for the children who pick it up. The struggle to grant wishes, even for a fairy with magical powers, goes to show how sometimes it can be difficult to achieve what we really want. Nevertheless, Reilly shows how important it is to strive for your dreams, no matter how hard they may be to achieve. These kinds of messages are the kinds that our children should be focusing on more than anything else.

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