The Zombie Chapters by Daniel Fite


Daniel Fite has created a fascinating storyline that is actually more than just a book, it is a series, and The Zombie Chapters, is the compilation of the first season. From the very beginning the reader is sucked into a frightening experience as an out-of-this-world storm takes place. There is mystery and terror pulsating through every page. The author shares a variety of different characters experiences of the same event. This gives the reader a well-rounded view of the plot while further peaking his/her curiosity. There is an evil that has descended upon the earth from outer space, but just what is it and where did it come from? It is as though the entire nation and beyond are at war with an unknown assailant who feeds upon human flesh.

The Zombie Chapters is one of those stories you may not want to read late at night or right before bed. If you do, you may end up leaving all the lights on. Daniel Fite does a wonderful job pulling the reader into each of the scenes he has written. One can feel as if they are actually there. The intense frustration, confusion and terror emitted by the characters come through clearly in Fite’s writing. From page to page and chapter to chapter, the reader anxiously needs to turn the page. There is consistently a pull to find out what is about to happen next. The Zombie Chapters is actually designed to be a serial story and prompt the reader to get the next set of chapters in the following season. Remember, this book is a compilation of the first season. By reading this volume, the reader can catch up and be ready to read the chapters of the next season. With a fascinating and heart-pounding story line, readers are highly likely to do just that…catch up and anxiously anticipate the next set of chapters.

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