They Serve Bagels in Heaven by Irene Weinberg


bagelsIt’s never the “right time” to lose someone you love, but, let’s face it, some deaths just happen way too soon—like when Saul Weinberg crashed his car, had a heart attack, and died, leaving his adoring wife, Irene, behind. Irene barely survived the accident herself, and she didn’t know how she would go on without the love of her life—but something kept telling her she had to keep going. She had a greater purpose to fulfill, and, even though she may have lost Saul “too soon,” she had forever to make up for it—in this world, and the next. They Serve Bagels in Heaven by Irene Weinberg is, as its long subtitle suggests, “One couple’s story of love, eternity, and the cosmic importance of everyday life.” A compelling two-person narrative, it tells tale of life after death, both in terms of what heaven is like and in terms of what life is like after losing a loved one. It follows Saul and Irene through heaven and earth, respectively, and details what each learns in wake of Saul’s death. On earth, Irene consults with spiritual aids and pushes her beliefs, while, in heaven, Saul discovers the true nature of his bond with Irene and furthers his understanding of what “love” truly is. Saul shares his story from the other side, as Irene shares hers from ours, and, together, they recount a love that has spanned multiple centuries, cultures, and physical forms—and, all throughout, they remind us that theirs is a story meant to give us hope and comfort whenever we question what’s going on around us in our crazy, hectic world.

They Serve Bagels in Heaven is a very soulful, sentimental book best read by those who’ve already taken a leap of faith. It contains heavy references to what some may consider unconventional spiritual practices, such as channeling and communicating with the dead, and probably won’t fare well with skeptics who challenge such things. But, for those with open minds, this book will definitely give them the sustenance they need. Their story is sure to make you love more fully and greater appreciate the finer details of life.

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