This Can’t Happen Here by M.S. LaVoy

four stars

This Can’t Happen Here by M.S. LaVoy is about the kidnapping of four children from the idyllic town of Rivers Bend. Most of the people of the town prepare for and attend a sports festival where kids and teenagers compete in tournaments. On their way to the festival, two boys and two girls get into the car of a trusted adult friend. Little do they know, they are about to be taken away to a basement where criminals keep them against their will. The kidnappers have devious plans to sell them off to men in the Middle East to be used as sex slaves. The story tells of the investigation that follows the kidnapping, and how a surprise witness to the crime is able to not only help solve the case, but also help clear the names of the two men who accused of being responsible for this terrible crime.

The book opens describing the perfect town of Rivers Bend, telling of its hiking trails, places to hunt, sports teams and stadiums, and other things like a zero unemployment rate that make it a wonderful place to live. The way the town is depicted makes it seem almost unlike any other place in the country, but perhaps there really are towns that are so idyllic. When the children are kidnapped the reader is held in suspense, and will be sure to keep flipping the pages to see what happens next in the unfolding investigation, hoping that there will be a happy conclusion to the story even under such dire circumstances. This book is an intriguing tale of the diligence of the local police officers, the valuable observations of a local woman, and the struggle to bring home four children safely as well as bring the kidnappers to justice.