Three Sheets to the Wind by Kevin Pocock

Three Sheets to the Wind by Kevin Pocock


Best Book of the Month – August 2013

Three Sheets to the Wind, a collection of twenty-two poems by Kevin Pocock includes poetry that reflects on time, space, and how our surroundings can truly affect us. As he states in the preface to this collection, a lot of the poems were written during his time at university, as he explored and drank in the experiences of living in a Welsh town on the edge of the sea. The poems presented within these pages are constructed in a precise and delicate manner, the lines match one another in a melodic way, creating a tune as the rhymes and words couple together in a pleasing arrangement. A recurrent theme presented is the idea of belonging, and how certain elements of life try to fit in, often in ways that are not what is typical. Some of the strongest pieces are My Sonnet, Bitter-Like-Sweet, and Identity Crisis. The poems themselves are only loosely correlated with one another, but they function together well to create a collection that is a quick and enjoyable pleasure for the reader to swallow.

It is clear from the poems presented in this work that Pocock takes great pride in his craft. He has the ability to construct short poems that hold significant meaning. Some of his poetry is light in tone and almost comical, while other pieces are reflective and cause the reader to contemplate their own lives. His inspirations come from the places, people and things around him, but that does not limit the scope of his words, as they are so thoughtfully placed and arranged together, that their meanings can apply to a variety of situations. Pocock is a skilled poet, and his debut collection of poetry is certainly a book worth reading.

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