Through Prison Doors by Stanley M. Meyers


prisonStanley M. Meyers expounds upon his time in prison with accessible and spiritually-driven dialogue in his memoir appropriately entitled Through Prison Doors. Meyers, convicted of crimes he both did and did not commit, is sentenced to prison for a maximum sentence. A man of faith, Meyers illuminates his religious experiences behind bars, melding chapters on the challenges of prison life with the optimism of his Christian endeavors. Sprinkled throughout with carefully quoted biblical citations, Meyers takes his readers through many of his miraculous encounters with God, supporting his experiences and visions throughout with the text of the Bible itself. As his tale unfolds, the story of his evangelical work behind bars coincides with his work to release himself from those bars as he endures family tragedies and courts all too ready to reject his claims.

Readers looking for an insightful and dirt-stained exposition on the hardships and the social atmospheres of prison life will be disappointed in Meyer’s clean-cut and highly religious memoir. The vast majority of Through Prison Doors focuses on Meyer’s Christian activities in prison and spends a great deal of time with biblical scriptures that relate to those activities. Additionally, there is little to no exploration of the criminal ventures that Meyers engaged in that sent him to prison, which leaves a haunting and tantalizing mystery along the edges of the text. That being said, the memoir is a beautifully executed work of Christian apologetics that is sure to inspire many like-minded religious individuals, especially those in prison or those with loved ones in prison. Through Prison Doors is an optimistic portrayal of one man’s struggle and one man’s ability to overcome through his faith in Christ.

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