Tier Six by Marci Giebels

A dystopian young adult novel with an interesting and mysterious premise, ‘Tier Six’ by Marci Giebels explores what it means to live life over again and again. Her narrative follows Mark Mead, an eighteen year old boy who is currently in his six incarnation of existence. He serves in the air based division of the World Army, which requires all of his time and attention, leaving him little choice but to follow the orders he is given. The last thing Mark wants to do is be tied down, not when he is desperately longing to be reunited with his soul mate who he was tragically separated from three lifetimes ago. The possibility of finding her seems bleak, and worsens even further when during a mission he is ejected from a shuttlecraft and is therefore stranded in a barren and desolate environment. There he comes to meet the Surface Dwellers, who teach him an unusual and dangerous way to find his true love once again. This leads to the startling truth about what tore him and his lover apart in the first place, as he comes to discover that his current state of reality is more connected to his past lives than he ever considered possible.

I found this to be an engaging premise, and as the novel progressed, I found myself getting wrapped up in the plot, wanting to know what would happen next. Giebels has imagined an interesting world and explores the possibilities of it to her greatest ability, which comes across on the page. The idea of living life again and again, with reincarnation, past lives, and more are themes that are ever present, making the reader reflect on their own lives, their past, and the future that is coming that we have no knowledge of. The star-crossed lover aspect, and of looking for one’s love after being torn away from them is a universal theme that all readers can relate with. Mixing in the dystopian and science fiction elements is a recipe that is tried and true, and Giebels succeeds in creating an enjoyable tale with her novel, ‘Tier Six.’

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