Time and Again by Crystal Bennett

The theme ‘love knows no bounds’ is laced throughout Crystal Bennett’s romance novel Time and Again. This heart-wrenching story follows Melanie Chapman and her relationship with a mysterious man from another place and time. Laden with sexual tension and drama, the book takes several twists and turns. Melanie and the man of her dreams look for support from their friends and family, having to adapt and accept truths along the way. The supporting characters contribute more depth and realism to the romance. They also add stories that reveal the strength, resilience, and love the characters have towards their family. Although the overall story is passionate in nature, danger looms over it. Bennett reveals what hatred looks like and the risks her characters will go through to reach true love.

Time and Again is a novel for those who want to read about passion and romance becoming more sensual and heated as time passes. Every experience between Melanie and her mystery man is unique and crafted with detail, providing vivid visuals to readers. After the first five chapters where characters brood over their past and long for a better future, this forty-eight chapter novel moves quickly. Bennett’s writing strengthens as the novel progresses, using quicker transitions and making each scene more action-packed. Readers need to suspend reality when it comes to Melanie’s reactions towards situations in the beginning of the novel, but later chapters compensate for this and are more natural. Overall, Time and Again is a gripping dramatic romance novel.

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